Build brand customers loyalty in engaging ways

Gamify is a Xerpihan product that helps brands build their customers loyalty through engaging AI games

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Unique Customer Engagement

a fun and interactive way to engage customers, different from traditional marketing efforts. This can help increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

Data Collection

By requiring users to sign up or log in to play the game, you can collect valuable customer data in a non-intrusive way. This data can be used for personalized marketing and improving customer experiences especially with push notification.


Brand Differentiation

Custom games can highlight the unique aspects of a brand`s identity, making it stand out in a crowded market. This is particularly effective in the creative industry, where differentiation is key to attracting and retaining customers.

AI Efficiency

Using AI to develop these games can significantly reduce costs and development time. AI can automate parts of the game development process, enable adaptive game difficulty based on user interaction, and even generate personalized content.


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